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6012 Terminal s/n 1961

Data General 6012 Terminal - Serial No 1961

This Data General 6012 Terminal (Serial Number: 1961) was due to be my next acquisition to sit alongside my recently acquired Nova 1200. It was being offered for sale on eBay and I placed an offer on it which was turned down. After the initial auction had ended I was contacted via this site by the seller and invited to make an offer which I did and the seller accepted. He also agreed to me having it collected by my courier and I duly paid him. It was boxed and at his request I arranged an airway bill which allowed the package to be dropped off at a FedEx counter. It was at this point things started to get rather strange……… 

I will complete the story once the issue has been duly concluded but at present the seller (Johnny Delafield) is refusing to ship the item or refund the payment made so although I own this 6012 I just can’t touch it (yet). 

So if your offered a Data General 6012 Terminal by a Mr John (Johnny) Delafield of Seattle, WA – just remind him its mine! But I wouldn’t recommend doing business with him at all unless its face to face and you put the goods in your vehicle before you hand over any cash.

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