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This 7 slot Nova 1200 has arrived from California. It needs a lot of restoration work on the front panel and I also need to acquire a Nova 1200 CPU card and perhaps some additional memory (judging on the shape of the 4k core card in it!).

This example has R&D stencilled in red on its hood and an asset badge attached to the chassis labelled ‘Computer Operations Inc’. Perhaps this Nova was used in the development of their Tape System (based on the LINC Tape) and sold with interfaces for many different minis’ in the 70’s including the DG Nova?

I have managed to acquire a complete set of replacement switches for the 1200 front panel and in addition found a company here in the UK that can (hopefully) create a new overlay for it as well. 

So I have stripped down the Front Panel…… 

The polycarbonate plate through which the switches protude measures 475mm across, 72mm high and 3mm deep and has a semi-translucent covering on the rear to difuse the light from each lamp. The front of the plate has a polished surface on which a semi-translucent overlay is attached, it is this overlay that has perished on my example. 

…………………more to follow


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