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This Data General Desktop Generation system has arrived from Italy today (Dec 10th 2019) in a reasonably sorry state (thanks to the courier!).

What’s immediately surprising is its weight – it’s a heavy lump! 

It has a Winchester, Floppy and Tape Drive and was supplied with a 6261-2 which connects to the desktop via a DB15 cable. 

Inside the main chassis (E8711-N) I have found the following PCBs:

005-020621 – CPU1 without F/W Floating Point = Model DG/10
005-020622 – CPU2 128Kb Memory  
005-020375 – 256Kb Expansion
005-021071 – USAM 4 Line
005-021071 – USAM 4 Line

The system also has the following ‘modules’:

E8694-B2 – Power Supply
E6267-A – Floppy Disk
E6336 – Winchester Chassis containing: 
  (005-023675 –  Disk Controller PCB + 005-023553 – 120Mb MFM HD)
E6270 – Cartridge Tape Drive Chassis

This is another project for 2020!

here’s what’s inside:

Lots more to follow……

4 thoughts on “DG/10 Desktop

  1. Très beau site !
    Cela rappelle une belle époque, les années 1980. Que des bons souvenirs pour nous les “anciens”.
    Grand merci au fondateur à l’initiative de ce projet.

    1. “Very nice site!
      It recalls a beautiful era, the 1980s. Only good memories for us “old”.
      Big thanks to the founder for the initiative of this project.”

      Thank You Patrick!

  2. Hi have a question about dg10, there was any modem inside in original configuration? And/or operating system was able to use a modem to connet in terminal emulation?
    Many tnx

    1. Thanks for making contact – I can’t see any reference to an internal modem, however the DG Desktop series could have multi-port RS232 cards installed and one of these port could indeed be used for a modem.

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